From Europe to Mid-America

Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beebe, Frances Elizabeth  20 May 1906Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I12942
2 Brock, Edgar Allen  12 Jul 1930Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I14797
3 Crider, Arthur Melvin  7 Jun 1916Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I15322
4 Elson, Mate C.  27 Mar 1888Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I493
5 Fitch, James D. Sr.  18 May 1935Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I10309
6 Harris, Clark Wilfred  16 Mar 1915Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I1461
7 Hastings, Helen  28 Se[ 1899Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I14165
8 Helms, Katherine Cecelia  8 Apr 1904Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I12780
9 Horgan, William Vincent  22 May 1896Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I15103
10 Mickelberry, Jane Adelaide  10 Aug 1915Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5856
11 Olson, Edward William  17 Jul 1883Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I11022
12 Purves, Margaret A.  17 Nov 1907Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I10091
13 Rittenhouse, Daniel Robbins  2 Oct 1908Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5855
14 Rittenhouse, Gordon  5 Mar 1910Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5848
15 Rittenhouse, Harry H.  29 Dec 1905Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I5847
16 Rittenhouse, Jean  15 May 1912Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5863
17 Rittenhouse, Mary Wood  8 Jan 1905Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5852
18 Schultz, Gerald Harvey  22 Mar 1937Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I8865
19 Schultz, John Edward  9 May 1910Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I8884
20 Snouffer, Matthew Robert  9 Nov 1986Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8495
21 Vandenburg, Barbara Jean  10 May 1942Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5865
22 Wintersteen, George John  29 Sep 1920Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arter, Adelia Angeline  2 Jan 1914Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I8597
2 Arter, Laura Jacinta  11 Jul 1911Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5793
3 Burnett, Marian Wyllie  26 May 1941Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I10068
4 Elson, Joseph  Yes, date unknownChicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8804
5 Elson, William ("Willie") H.  22 Feb 1882Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8811
6 Gappa, Frank William  22 May 1996Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I13184
7 Harrell, Moses B.  9 Apr 1909Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5760
8 Harris, Henry C.  27 May 1891Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I552
9 Kerr, Thomas Pogue  28 Apr 1912Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I6785
10 Lusk, Elizabeth  23 Feb 1904Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8807
11 McDevitt, Edward A.  16 Jan 1929Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I4325
12 Purves, John Turnbull  7 Aug 1928Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I10070
13 Rittenhouse, Harry Howell M.D.  10 Jan 1940Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I5844
14 Rittenhouse, Robin Claire  12 Oct 1954Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5853
15 Robbins, Helen  5 Dec 1943Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I5854
16 Snouffer, Mary Ellen  16 Mar 1898Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I543
17 Snouffer, Robert D.  9 Apr 2010Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I11479
18 Thornton, Beatrice  Nov 1964Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8778
19 Wilkas, Edna Clara  4 Jan 1968Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL I8813
20 Zaremba, Beverly Ann  May 1987Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  I8873


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Deutsch / Snouffer  24 Jun 2017Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  F5343
2 Harris / Thornton  14 Apr 1909Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL F674
3 McDevitt / Hastings  13 Aug 1908Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  F1565
4 Olson / Elson  18 Sep 1907Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  F5038
5 Rittenhouse / Beebe  3 Feb 1932Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL F4706
6 Rittenhouse / Carr  8 Jun 1927Chicago, Cook Cnty, IL  F4705