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Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Callmer, James Arthur  23 Jan 1975Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5107
2 Campbell, Brett David  27 Mar 1976Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4192
3 Campbell, Bryan Nelson  24 Feb 1978Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4193
4 Campbell, Connie  29 Oct 1945Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I7495
5 Campbell, Gerald Ray  22 Apr 1945Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4174
6 Campbell, James Wilbur  23 May 1919Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6452
7 Campbell, Ray J.  9 Mar 1922Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6453
8 Campbell, Shirlee Mae  7 Dec 1938Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4173
9 Cherry, Nancy Carol  31 May 1933Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4194
10 Crew, Maurice Croushorn  31 Jan 1899Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4216
11 Curley, Mark  23 Apr 1961Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4282
12 Curley, Michelle  23 Feb 1969Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4283
13 Gilbertson, Kristi Jill  13 Sep 1952Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4180
14 Gramley, Charlotte  1 Jan 1937Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I10089
15 Gramley, Robert Roy  8 Jun 1925Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I10090
16 Kane, Candance Lorraine  29 Dec 1956Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4181
17 McMicken, Mary  24 Oct 1923Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL  I10081
18 Melara, Anthony Caylub  21 Sep 1996Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5110
19 Melara, Breanna May  6 Mar 2000Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5111
20 Rink, Janice Louise  27 Nov 1938Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4156
21 Rink, Rebecca Lynn  6 Sep 1964Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4195
22 Rink, Rita Rinee  13 Oct 1968Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4267
23 Rink, Roger Russell  15 Aug 1933Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4155
24 Wheeler, Christine Rae  6 Nov 1946Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4137
25 Wheeler, Elnathan Henry "Bill"  10 Mar 1905Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4133
26 Wheeler, Joanne Elizabeth  26 Apr 1932Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4135
27 Wheeler, Marilyn Jean  11 Mar 1928Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4134
28 Wheeler, Sharon Margaret  19 Jan 1942Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4136
29 Whitfield, Amanda Nichole  24 Apr 1983Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4289
30 Whitfield, Bobbi Jean  27 Dec 1975Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4182
31 Whitfield, Bradley Robert  2 Sep 1986Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4290
32 Whitfield, Teddi Jo  3 May 1978Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burnett, Elizabeth  4 Sep 1923Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I10076
2 Campbell, Alyce Mae  30 May 1934Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5186
3 Campbell, Anna Elizabeth  30 Oct 1978Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4097
4 Campbell, Arthur Raymond  9 May 1960Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5039
5 Campbell, Carol M.  6 Apr 2013Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL  I6454
6 Campbell, Francis R. ("Pete")  21 Feb 1997Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5042
7 Campbell, George Donald  14 Jul 2007Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4101
8 Campbell, George Hastings  19 Mar 1967Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4105
9 Campbell, James Kenneth  10 May 1958Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I5038
10 Campbell, Ray J.  11 May 1998Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6453
11 Campbell, William Henry  12 Dec 1947Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4094
12 Cherry, Helene Margaret  27 May 1987Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6456
13 Croushorn, John  5 Oct 1933Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4561
14 Croushorn, Pleasant Elbert  29 Mar 1944Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4205
15 Croushorn, Robert Newton  10 Jun 1894Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4209
16 Croushorn, Sarah Margaret  13 Sep 1975Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4212
17 Danley, Evaline  12 Jan 1937Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I9049
18 Gourley, Gladys Rebecca  14 May 1989Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I9001
19 Gramley, Robert Roy  22 Aug 1947Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I10090
20 Hage, Vera Eloise  26 Oct 1998Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4172
21 Hastings, Elizabeth ("Lizzie")  13 Nov 1916Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4104
22 Hettrich, Stella F.  2 May 1978Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6451
23 Hobbett, Sarah W.  22 Mar 1902Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4662
24 Kerr, Anna Jane  13 Feb 1908Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4206
25 Kerr, Caldwell  26 Oct 1893Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL  I4229
26 McMicken, Mary  28 Sep 2009Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I10081
27 Miller, Corinne Lillian  Jan 1981Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4221
28 Norris, John H.  9 Sep 1943Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I9048
29 Norris, Ralph Warren  4 Oct 1943Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4532
30 Rink, Henry  9 Oct 1924Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I6444
31 Rink, Rita Rinee  13 Oct 1968Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4267
32 Wakefield, Marian  Abt 2005Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I9353
33 Wheeler, Elnathan Henry "Bill"  19 Dec 1984Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL I4133
34 Wheeler, Sarah Ketchum  18 Jan 1986Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL  I4452


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carlson / Croushorn  14 Oct 1908Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL F1509
2 Culler / Eggestein  10 Jun 1950Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL F4177
3 Herrmann / Rink  20 Oct 1962Aurora, Kane Cnty, IL F1517