From Europe to Mid-America

Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Brenda Gayle  7 Mar 1966Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2817
2 Gibson, Kimberly Lynn  1 Apr 1958Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2815
3 Gibson, Susan Josephine  4 Nov 1963Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2816
4 Gibson, Walter Lee  15 Mar 1930Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2814
5 Gibson, Walter Lee Jr  10 Jun 1960Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2818
6 Jordan, Frances Ellen  12 Dec 1923Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3080
7 Pickerel, Alfred Roger Jr  15 May 1965Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5687
8 Pickerel, Christopher D.  25 Apr 1967Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5688
9 Pickerel, Gloria Marie  31 Aug 1956Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5686
10 Setzer, William Jared  12 Feb 1982Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3163
11 Snouffer, Alvin Charles  7 May 1942Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3179
12 Snouffer, Brenda Ellen  23 May 1943Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3170
13 Snouffer, Cathy Virginia  24 Jul 1955Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3172
14 Snouffer, Charles Richard  23 Jun 1920Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2191
15 Snouffer, Cynthia  11 Mar 1949Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3176
16 Snouffer, David Cecil  18 Jun 1944Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3173
17 Snouffer, Esther Fay  23 Jan 1937Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2820
18 Snouffer, Faye Elizabeth  28 Feb 1946Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3171
19 Snouffer, Geraldine  15 Jan 1928Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2821
20 Snouffer, Kay Louise  18 Jul 1950Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2344
21 Snouffer, Kourtney Daye  Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3159
22 Snouffer, Linda A.  6 Aug 1951Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3178
23 Snouffer, Pamela A.  2 Aug 1947Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3177
24 Snouffer, Rita R.  30 Oct 1953Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3175
25 Snouffer, Ruby  14 Jun 1925Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2819
26 Snouffer, Ruth Ann  7 Oct 1935Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2822
27 Snouffer, Sherry Darlene  29 Oct 1956Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3174
28 Snouffer, Sonji Loraine  28 Jul 1950Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2415
29 Snouffer, Stephanie Michelle  2 Dec 1969Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5679
30 Snouffer, Unknown Girl  30 Oct 1952Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5681
31 Snouffer, William Winfield  28 May 1924Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2413
32 Stanley, Helen Beatrice  14 Mar 1929Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dearen, Michael Stephen  11 Jun 2013Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I5683
2 Jordan, Frances Ellen  13 Jun 1996Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3080
3 Layton, Roscoe Talmadge ("Tam") Jr.  6 May 2007Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I8034
4 Matthews, Minnie  15 Nov 1989Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2190
5 Palmer, Nellie Gertrude  25 May 1968Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I9031
6 Pickerel, Gloria Marie  22 Mar 1967Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC  I5686
7 Setzer, Kenneth Wayne  25 Nov 1998Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3160
8 Setzer, William Jared  19 Jun 2005Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3163
9 Snouffer, Brenda Ellen  26 May 1943Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3170
10 Snouffer, Cathy Virginia  18 Mar 1993Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3172
11 Snouffer, Charles Richard  29 Nov 1989Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2191
12 Snouffer, Faye Elizabeth  25 Apr 1973Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I3171
13 Snouffer, George Mitchell  22 Feb 1987Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2189
14 Snouffer, Gladys Virginia  3 Jan 2001Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2813
15 Snouffer, Richard Lee Jr.  12 Nov 2014Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I13630
16 Snouffer, Ruby  2 Apr 2004Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2819
17 Snouffer, Unknown Girl  30 Oct 1952Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC  I5681
18 Snouffer, William Winfield  9 Aug 1985Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2413
19 Snouffer, William Winfield Jr.  5 Jan 2002Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC I2416


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duncan / Snouffer  21 Jun 1980Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC  F1145
2 Layton / Harper  23 Jul 1967Greensboro, Guilford Cnty, NC F2815