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Baltimore, MD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baublitz, Brian Niel  1992Baltimore, MD I3200
2 Baublitz, Bryon Niel  1970Baltimore, MD I3198
3 Baublitz, Evan Daniel  2001Baltimore, MD I3201
4 Brown, Susan Marguerite  1953Baltimore, MD I3050
5 Ditommasso, Noelle Austin  1997Baltimore, MD I3226
6 Fenske, William  1984Baltimore, MD I3203
7 Hacker, Larry Raymond  25 Jun 1957Baltimore, MD  I2749
8 Heberle, Lillian M.  17 Jan 1907Baltimore, MD I3186
9 Hoover, Cassandra  1951Baltimore, MD I3205
10 Hoover, Daniel Bruce Paris  1950Baltimore, MD I3204
11 Hoover, David  1955Baltimore, MD I3049
12 Hoover, Kimberly Daryl  1959Baltimore, MD I3218
13 Hoover, Pamela  1954Baltimore, MD I3211
14 Hoover, Roxanna  1948Baltimore, MD I3196
15 Knopp, Tobias ("Toby") Christopher  14 Mar 1980Baltimore, MD I4190
16 Lewis, Michael F.  14 Sep 1981Baltimore, MD I8970
17 Linardi, John  1997Baltimore, MD I3210
18 Linardi, Richard Alexander III  1974Baltimore, MD I3208
19 Linardi, Scott Alexander  1972Baltimore, MD I3207
20 Shenk, Doris Jean  12 Oct 1921Baltimore, MD I11957
21 Shipley, Cecelia Katherine  30 Jun 1892Baltimore, MD I3046
22 Snouffer, Alvah Milton ("Tink")  10 May 1911Baltimore, MD  I2404
23 Snouffer, Betty May  11 Jan 1929Baltimore, MD I3068
24 Snouffer, Dorothy M.  24 Nov 1916Baltimore, MD I3064
25 Snouffer, Evelyn Marie  5 Jul 1922Baltimore, MD I2423
26 Snouffer, Gladys May  1920Baltimore, MD I3066
27 Snouffer, John Albert  12 Aug 1886Baltimore, MD  I2187
28 Snouffer, Loretta Mae  25 May 1933Baltimore, MD  I2405
29 Snouffer, Mildred Irene  20 Mar 1917Baltimore, MD I3065
30 Snouffer, Rev. Philip Thomas  19 Jul 1937Baltimore, MD I2785
31 Snouffer, Richard Leroy  1922Baltimore, MD I3067
32 Snouffer, Robert Benjamin  10 Dec 1913Baltimore, MD I3063
33 Snouffer, William  15 Aug 1905Baltimore, MD I3187
34 Viel, Kerri Marie  1976Baltimore, MD I3213
35 Viel, Martin Joseph  1952Baltimore, MD I3212

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Heberle, Lillian M.  27 Oct 1948Baltimore, MD I3186
2 Koontz, Ralph W.  16 Jun 1977Baltimore, MD  I12323
3 Myers, Russell Franklin  13 Nov 1999Baltimore, MD  I11937
4 Shipley, Cecelia Katherine  30 Apr 1931Baltimore, MD I3046
5 Snouffer, Betty May  29 Sep 1992Baltimore, MD I3068
6 Snouffer, John Albert  22 Nov 1948Baltimore, MD I2187
7 Snouffer, Richard Leroy  1925Baltimore, MD I3067
8 Snouffer, William  22 Nov 1905Baltimore, MD I3187