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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arigo, Nelson P.  28 Mar 1922Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I14078
2 Bechtel, Robert Leroy Jr.  24 Jun 1965Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9299
3 Bechtel, Stephen Robert  3 May 1957Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9295
4 Bentzel, Garry L.  11 May 1940Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12555
5 Biddle, Berl W.  9 Oct 1928Hanover, York Cnty, PA I5655
6 Brown, Mary E.  11 Oct 1913Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12181
7 Byers, Charles Lindberg  10 May 1929Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I7246
8 Byers, Tanya Lynn  20 Apr 1953Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7298
9 Diviney, Lorna  24 Jan 1930Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12540
10 Fuhrman, Sidney A.  6 Apr 1918Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I14076
11 Gulden, Luella Sonora  25 Apr 1918Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8912
12 Gulden, Luther William  20 Aug 1924Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8913
13 Hahn, Donald Charles  12 Oct 1918Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12385
14 Hahn, Dorothy Elizabeth  25 Nov 1911Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12383
15 Hahn, Herbert William  31 Dec 1922Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12379
16 Haifley, Judith E.  2 Nov 1942Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12084
17 Hesson, Judy Elaine  14 Aug 1949Hanover, York Cnty, PA I13404
18 Keith, Julia A.  4 Feb 1831Hanover, York Cnty, PA I19
19 Leister, Kenneth W.  14 Feb 1921Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9515
20 Lemmon, James M.  6 Feb 1951Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12140
21 Mikesell, Harry J.  7 Apr 1945Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12184
22 Miller, Laverne A.  20 Nov 1927Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I14083
23 Morelock, Edwin Jacob  22 Aug 1879Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I8115
24 Nickey, Kathleen E.  29 Mar 1915Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12298
25 Resh, Martha Viola  4 Mar 1890Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8911
26 Rodkey, Ronald Franklin  2 Dec 1946Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I13940
27 Slagle, Jill E.  7 Aug 1978Hanover, York Cnty, PA I13401
28 Slagle, Jody M.  1994Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I13405
29 Slagle, William R.  28 Mar 1949Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12453
30 Stahl, Gilbert L. Sr.  15 May 1926Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12302
31 Stahl, Virginia K.  9 Jul 1911Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12294
32 Stair, Jean Susan  9 Jun 1932Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9132
33 Tasto, Donald E.  28 May 1930Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12513
34 Tasto, Richard Hahn  3 May 1934Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I12512
35 Unger, Alvin Charles  6 May 1951Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9241

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bange, Harry Newton  28 Feb 1988Hanover, York Cnty, PA I10455
2 Barnes, Ralph L.  17 Mar 1995Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12151
3 Beamer, George William  2 Jul 1972Hanover, York Cnty, PA I10209
4 Bechtel, Robert Leroy Jr.  13 Jan 2001Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9299
5 Bechtel, Stephen Robert  30 May 2002Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9295
6 Bentzel, Garry L.  20 Jun 2008Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12555
7 Brame, Walter G.  16 Sep 1992Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I10172
8 Byers, Annie M.  22 May 1998Hanover, York Cnty, PA I6086
9 Byers, Bessie C.  13 Nov 1974Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7170
10 Byers, Charles E. ("Tilt")  18 Dec 2001Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7250
11 Byers, Charles Lindberg  29 Jan 1988Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I7246
12 Byers, Earl Henry ("Hen")  16 Apr 2001Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7251
13 Byers, Elizabeth ("Betty") C.  1926Hanover, York Cnty, PA I6038
14 Byers, Elizabeth B.  3 May 1998Hanover, York Cnty, PA I6138
15 Byers, Ethel Grace  21 Dec 1971Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I9631
16 Byers, Gloria A.  26 Apr 2001Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7253
17 Byers, Levi Lawrence  14 Jul 1976Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7166
18 Byers, Norman Edward  4 Feb 1995Hanover, York Cnty, PA I6099
19 Byers, Sterling Jesse  7 Jan 2003Hanover, York Cnty, PA I6118
20 Byers, Tanya Lynn  29 Aug 1960Hanover, York Cnty, PA I7298
21 Day, Frederick A.  19 Oct 2008Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12599
22 Day, Roger H.  29 Mar 2002Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12601
23 Decker, Blanche Elizabeth  22 Dec 2001Hanover, York Cnty, PA I10196
24 Decker, Glenn John  27 Mar 1969Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I10202
25 Decker, Mildred Larraine  13 Mar 2010Hanover, York Cnty, PA I10199
26 Decker, Ruth Irene  23 Apr 1996Hanover, York Cnty, PA I10195
27 Dutterer, Catherine  6 Aug 1918Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12889
28 Eisenhart, Beatrice Mae  Aug 1995Hanover, York Cnty, PA I9556
29 Flickinger, Mary L.  20 Jun 2004Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12465
30 Fuhrman, Estie M.  26 Apr 1993Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I14062
31 Fuhrman, Sidney A.  26 Dec 1997Hanover, York Cnty, PA  I14076
32 Grove, Rosea A.  8 Oct 1974Hanover, York Cnty, PA I12452
33 Gulden, Charles Abraham  28 Jul 1954Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8910
34 Gulden, Charles Amos  4 Jun 1928Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8909
35 Gulden, Luella Sonora  25 Nov 1985Hanover, York Cnty, PA I8912

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   23 Dec 1926Hanover, York Cnty, PA F3476
2 Bange / Morelock  1 Mar 1932Hanover, York Cnty, PA  F3785
3 Leister / Rebert  7 Dec 1919Hanover, York Cnty, PA F3426