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Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bone, Jane Elizabeth  12 Apr 1956Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10103
2 Bone, Thomas Dewey  25 Aug 1961Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10106
3 Bryson, Manser  23 Oct 1854Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I8371
4 Callaway, Amelia Beth  16 Jun 1966Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10116
5 Callaway, Richard Clinton  1 Jun 1942Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10115
6 Callaway, Teresa Lynn  14 Apr 1970Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10117
7 Crouse, Dixie Lee  14 Aug 1893Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I8395
8 Farmer, Patricia Susan  Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10745
9 Snouffer, Gary H.  15 May 1933Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I2998
10 Snuffer, Benjamin Oxley  16 Jun 1886Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV  I9886
11 Snuffer, Henry Edward  1 Mar 1943Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I14918
12 Snuffer, Letta  6 Nov 1889Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I9888
13 Snuffer, Dr. Perry Lester  9 Jan 1891Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10015
14 Trump, Luther Franklin  27 Jul 1895Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10635
15 Trump, Speed  20 Feb 1892Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10729
16 Williams, David Daniel  22 Feb 1983Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10113
17 Williams, Frederick Michael  4 Apr 1972Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10112
18 Williams, Frederick Moss  28 Jun 1937Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10099
19 Williams, John Hawley  20 Feb 1951Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10101
20 Williams, Lucy Lee  13 Oct 1929Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10098
21 Williams, Moss  24 Dec 1906Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10097


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Ash  10 Oct 1962Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I7991
2 Allen, John Arthur  6 Jun 1964Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I7992
3 Allen, Lillie Myrtle  2 Jan 2001Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I7996
4 Allen, William Roy  30 Jan 1925Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I7989
5 Bailey, Larkin Austin  17 Nov 1942Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10276
6 Bryson, Albert Fountain  Dec 1972Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I8389
7 Covey, Carlie Roxie  2 Sep 1957Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6537
8 Covey, Daniel Owen  13 Jul 1952Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I1469
9 Covey, George Daniel  May 1986Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6824
10 Covey, George T.  20 Feb 1933Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I544
11 Covey, Dr. William Crocket  19 May 1954Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6732
12 Crouse, Dixie Lee  Aug 1973Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I8395
13 Daniel, Ashton Harport  28 Jan 1962Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10576
14 Daniel, Emmett Johnson  9 Nov 1959Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10572
15 Daniel, Ennis Emery  16 Dec 1969Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10581
16 Daniel, Frank Leslie  17 Apr 1963Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10574
17 Farmer, Howard  Nov 1980Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10744
18 Hawley, Freed Hastings  12 Jun 1984Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10095
19 Jerrell, William H.  8 Oct 1932Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10426
20 Keffer, Edmonia C.  24 Feb 1925Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6203
21 Lubich, Pete  14 Feb 2004Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I8000
22 Schumann, Teddy Glen  13 Aug 2009Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10746
23 Snuffer, Christopher Columbus Jr.  11 Feb 2000Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10257
24 Snuffer, Dempsey William M.D.  30 Dec 1929Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10843
25 Snuffer, Eliza  11 Aug 1972Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I7981
26 Snuffer, Hettie Pearl  14 Sep 1989Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10262
27 Snuffer, Mary Jane  27 Oct 1927Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6319
28 Snuffer, Mertie  1 Jun 1985Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10071
29 Snuffer, Orange O.  29 Jul 1970Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6503
30 Snuffer, Orlena  21 Oct 1932Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I9883
31 Snuffer, Richard Marion  19 Nov 1937Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I296
32 Snuffer, Tressie  16 Jun 1988Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I6502
33 Snuffer, Walter Russell  2 Aug 1936Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I10270
34 Stover, Venila Victoria  3 Jan 1935Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I297
35 Trail, Sherman Covey  20 Jan 1999Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV I9052

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Campbell / Robertson  21 Apr 1950Beckley, Raleigh Cnty, WV F3905